Ireti Workers Comp

Ireti Workers Compensation Company is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Brokerage Company. We have extensive partnerships with PEOs in all states. We are an independent brokerage. We work for you not the PEO, your interest and your businesses interest and protection are our number one focus. That is our only priority in providing with the consultation of services for workers’ compensation coverage for your business.

What do we help you with?

  1. We review your business and select several PEOs that may be able to address your particular needs.
  2. We assist you with the completion of all the documentation need to get your business approved.
  3. We negotiate the Price, Services, Fees or Agreements.
  4. Our services are FREE to you. NO Broker FEES paid by you. NO registration/set up fees.
  5. We will be available throughout the relationship to provide you with services and to make sure the coverage we get for you remains appropriate for your business as you grow.

Kimberly Daise: Operations Director

Kimberly Daise is the Operations Director (OD) for Ireti worker’s compensation. She has a degree from the University of Florida and is certified as a construction risk insurance specialist. Kimberly Daise has over four years’ experience in the field of workers’ compensation insurance from the construction business view as well as the PEO brokerage/administrative view. Her job is to market to small and medium sizes business to offer them the various option of coverage that exist. Not only regarding the placement of the coverage but to develop a means in which the business owner can maintain the coverage over a period of time so that the business can establish a record of consistent coverage without gaps and the owners can focus more on the growth of the business. The main goal is to help to the business. The help can range from worker’s comp, payroll, reporting systems, accounting and complete package HR services including resolving stop work orders, negotiating fines and assisting with the resolution of OSHA matters.